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Multiple Me

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Multiple Me is one of Lauren Carder Fox's original music projects. She released her first full length album as Multiple Me. She is currently in process of gearing up for her second album which will be self titled.

Centered around and generally composed with her acoustic guitar, the music of the Multiple Me makes use of a 5-piece band like it’s conducting a genre experiment. The songs cover a wide range of musical stylings--many times within one song-- but they are all anchored by Lauren’s distinctly expressive performance. Her voice is both sweet and heavy, like a chocolate sledgehammer; it can fly above a bloody battlefield or gut-punch your heart. 

Each song is built differently, from straight-ahead anthems to complex arrangements normally reserved for the speediest of speed metal. They can groove and rock, swing and sway, bounce and soar. Throughout the variety, Lauren Carder Fox and Multiple Me gives each song the right pieces to let it flower into something strong and unique, and will always keep you on your toes.

Lauren Carder Fox

The original music of Lauren Carder Fox is authentic, reflective, dynamic and powerful. Her music began to take a turn from the more tumultuous and edgy sounds of her band Multiple Me about 6 years ago. She has since written a ton of new music and is excited to start working on a new album. 

She has recruited the help of some wonderfully talented people to join her on this new musical adventure: Amanda Adair on the harp, Daniel Anderson Berry on the drums, Gus Ramage on stand up bass and Melissa Rosario on guitar and vocals. Stay tuned, for more will be in the works! Here is a video compilation from a live performance at The Venue in Orlando.

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